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SENTE™ Training Intensives

Training intensives are designed to infuse more consecutive training hours to add convenience to your schedule, develop new skills, influence greater retention, or to advance performance levels. Time sets include 2, 4, 6, and 12-hour/2-day sessions – Basic through Advanced.

Categories include:

  • Core Mindset - Create a mindset for thinking strategically and confidently. An active mind and active observation are vital for personal protection.

  • Basic Training - Building the foundation for all training tactics and techniques.

  • Specialized Tools & Tactics - Personal Defense, Home Defense, Firearms, Integrated Tools, Task-Specific training.

  • Environmental Training - Leverage/manage various man-made environments and natural terrain; low-light/high-light, identifying equalizers, scenarios, etc.

  • Force-on-Force Training - Strategic simulation, sparring, and scenario drills in various environments versus armed and unarmed single and multiple opponents.

  • Customizing - How to stack or focus training material to build your own tailored (practical) practice. and environment.

  • Specialized Conditioning - Strength and conditioning for personal defense and close-quarter combatives endurance.

  • Athletic Performance - Dynamic footwork and maneuvers, coordination, endurance, and tactics for various specialized athletic development in sports.


Standby for the 2015 Intensives Schedule

Open to Members & Non-Members, Novice Through Advanced.

NOTE: Amount of training material of each intensive is based on the most effective retention rate possible in relation to overall time to train. Material may also coordinate with weekly group classes for increased development and retention.



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