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  Clients share their training experience with SENTE™.
  Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics.

"My department recently hosted Joel LeVan for 3 days of training in the PTK-CQC curriculum. From the very start I could tell that Joel was passionate about teaching and believed in the PTK system and its effectiveness. As a Law Enforcement defensive tactics instructor I've been exposed to a lot of martial systems and I'm always skeptical at first glance. Joel made me a believer on the first day and made sure that everything he taught was relevant to our needs and easy to retain. He was as articulate and capable an instructor as I've ever worked with and his technique and depth of knowledge were very impressive. Joel was willing to entertain any questions we had and always had a practical and effective answer to the scenarios we presented him with. The techniques and concepts he taught were immediately introduced into our basic academy curriculum and proved to be effective in our scenario testing. I highly recommend Joel to anyone looking for high quality and effective training from a charismatic and knowledgable instructor. My guys and I can't wait to train with him again!"

Officer Chris M. Sprague
Lead Defensive Tactics instructor
Norfolk Police Department
Training Division

  Immediate applicable skills.

"Joel is a very knowledgeable instructor, drawing on his experience from a number of different martial art systems. He places an emphasis on immediate applicable skills, realistic technique and footwork. The classes informal in style, but remains intense enough to provide a good workout.  Joel does a good job working with a wide variety of skill and experience levels, but this group definitely caters to students serious about combatives and self-defense, as opposed the casual fitness martial artist.

As someone with many years of martial arts experience I have found the emphasis on Pekiti-Tirsia Kali with footwork and timing uniquely challenging and an excellent cross training for any martial artist. The tactical component of the training adds an extra dimension to the training – often absent from more traditional or competition based schools – which focuses on closing the gap and dominating quickly instead of squaring up and battling it out."

Brian Greenlaw
Conshohocken, PA

  Confidence with SENTE self-defense.

"Joel Levan with SENTE Martial Arts gave my 18 year old son self-defense lessons over the summer and I am very pleased with the results.

Joel is fantastic. He is extremely knowledgeable, engaging and approachable. Joel was easy to follow and clear in his self-defense instruction. He not only teaches the physical aspects of self-defense he also emphasizes the importance of being aware of your surroundings at all times.

Thanks to Joel’s training my son gained confidence and better coordination along with many different techniques to use for self-defense.
I highly recommend Joel/SENTE Martial Arts to anyone wanting to train in martial arts or self-defense. Joel was very flexible when it came to scheduling times and he even came to our home.

Thank you Joel for your professionalism and for the positive influence you had on my son.  I’m really glad I made that decision to call you!"

Sherry Cardwell
West Grove, PA

  SENTE two thumbs up.

"Joel’s training at SENTE Martial Systems is two thumbs all the way up. His training gave me plenty of confidence. I learned so much, and he simplifies the training to make it easy even for the average Joe. With the integrated training, you’ll be kicking butt in no time.

It's been the greatest 4 months of my life. I’ve learned so much from his training. And I can definitely say I couldn't ask for a better trainer."

Anthony Buckner
West Chester, PA

  Elevate skills and conditioning.

"SENTE Martial Systems helped me to elevate both my skills and conditioning to new levels. Joel's instruction allowed me to further perfect the techniques I had while also learning to utilize new techniques that fit into my game. He was very open-minded and eager for me to blend my extensive grappling background into the training wherever I saw fit. SENTE is a well-rounded program that allows you to look at all possible avenues of attack and defense, while also getting you into the best shape of your life."

Andrew Fitzpatrick
Collegeville, PA


A Strong Foundation

"Initially, I was a little intimidated coming into Sente Combatives with zero martial arts or self defense experience. Joel’s positive attitude and professional demeanor immediately put my mind at ease and he has proven himself to be an extremely knowledgeable and effective instructor.

For beginners like me, Joel builds a strong foundation of practical and functional skills that can be used in just about any real-world scenario. As the skills become second nature, he expands that foundation to include more advanced techniques for combating both armed and unarmed attacks.

I couldn’t be happier with the SENTE program, after 6 months of training with Joel I feel confident that I can handle myself in just about any sketchy situation should the need arise."

Avi Glickman
Haverford, PA



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