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SENTE Tactical Light Training for Self-Defense  
  Low-light. No-Light. No problem. Specialized tools are central to practical self-defense. Learn to use the tactical flashlight as a tool for deterring, visual impairment, striking, or force multiplier in any environment.  

The SENTE™ Tactical Light program is a strategic and simplistic practice employing a high-powered tactical flashlight as a specialized personal defense tool while leveraging your surrounding environment.

Along with the tactical light we utilize simplistic and dynamic self-defense tactics from Pekiti-Tirsia Kali / MIL PTK-CQC, Ground Combatives, and SENTE™ Environmental Training for countering single and multiple opponents.

Pekiti-Tirsia's "transferable technology" allows us to seamlessly deploy defense tools (i.e. tactical lights, tactical pens, etc), including your body's own natural weapons in low-light, no-light, and urban/architectural environments – without having to learn completely different mechanics, thus shortening the time to effective readiness.

The program will cover:
• Dynamic Footwork
• Tactical flashlight as an "equalizer" against single or multiple opponents
• Countering/surviving edged weapon attacks
• Striking mechanics
• Self-defense techniques
• Contact-controlling of opponents
• Home, urban, and other environments
• Ground survival and tactical get-ups
• Defensive scenario drills
• Customization for personal protection
• Evasion and exit strategies
+ and more

You'll learn how to strategically deter, engage, and evade leveraging environment with dynamic footwork as well as self-defense tactics using the SENTE™ Training perspective.


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