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SENTE Practical Training
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SENTE Combatives  
  We put it all together. Get a comprehensive yet simplified and integrated approach to empty hands, edged/impact weapons, ground combatives, environmental training and conditioning.  

SENTE™ Combatives program is a strategic practice by which practical elements are effectively channeled for both self-defense and close-quarter combatives training for a variety of environments and situations.

Our program offers 5 core benefits:

Acquire proven self-protection & awareness in the shortest time possible
Employ strategic defensive tools to equalize any threat
Adapt to any range, environment or tactical scenario
Intelligent, ongoing methodologies for mastery training
High levels of endurance

Behind the Program
The core of the SENTE™ program is broken up into specialized training systems overlaid in various environmental situations
. Strong focus is placed on the most practical perspectives and strategic training models that build the necessary attributes for self-defense and close-quarter applications. Core components include:

PTK-CQC (and Authentic Pekiti-Tirsia Kali)
Specialized Tools & Tactics
Ground Combatives
Environmental Training

The core training systems that make up SENTE™ Combatives have specific strengths that include dynamic footwork, practical and explosive striking, basic ground combatives, control manipulations, joint/limb destruction, edged and impact weapon offensive/counter-offensives, and environmental scenarios.

The SENTE™ philosophy embodies a well-rounded approach to a practical martial arts practice for modern day perspectives. You'll learn multi-purpose techniques for various attacks at every angle in all types of situations and environments.

Phase I: Core Mindset & Basic Training
You have to walk before you run. However, at the same time, learning to protect yourself with high-performance basics from Day 1 is vital and efficient. SENTE™ Basic Training builds the foundation for overall development as well as tactics for personal protection that can be assimilated in a short amount of time. Our teaching process of stacking specific basic maneuvers with strategies and tactics allows for effective and efficient progression while learning realistic skills during your initial process. Along with the physical, you'll aquire strategic mindset to actively observe, think strategically and feel confident.

Phase II: Training Models

SENTE™ Training Models are highly simplistic, strategic and contextual training practices geared toward distilling practical, multi-purpose/high-percentage tactics specifically for acquiring self-defense and close-quarter combat skills within a short period of time.

The Training Models, based around a philosophy of integration and functional performance training, yield extremely fast and effective results that address a wider range of applications while still using a small core of multi-purpose tactics. Within 6-8 months (Phases I & II) you'll develop an effective base for practical self-defense, awareness, and a solid platform to build upon.

Phase III: Mastery Training
While our Training Models offer a solid base to build from, Mastery Training, or "systems training", is required to further hone your skills and allow you to become more efficient and effective. Additionally, Mastery Training creates an effective practice over the long-term to develop greater, more well-rounded skill sets.

Self-Defense / Tactical Tools
Specialized self-defense tools allow you to create "equalizers" and the ability to protect yourself with limited knowledge in the beginning process and broaden your training in later phases. Tactical flashlights, tactical pens, knives, and environmental self-defense tools are an important part of the SENTE™ Combatives program. Pekiti-Tirsia Kali (e.g. PTK-SMF™, MIL PTK-CQC) is the key system that allows you to manipulate self-defense tools and weapons without having to learn completely different mechanics – thus shortening the time to effective readiness.

Defensive Firearms Training Network
As a strategic component, we take your self-defense training to the next level by teaming up with instructors for firearm training intensives to learn basics through advanced tactics, as well as how to integrate it into your self-defense practice.

Strategic from Beginning to End
We focus on using highly functional armed and unarmed combatives in various situations that quickly develops necessary skills with high success rates. From the start, we train effective gross motor skills and multi-purpose movements first in order to embody effective skills as quickly as possible no matter what martial system is being trained. We believe that it's not about how many techniques you know. Effective training is about developing critical thinking skills in addtition to what you can use effectively within your current skill level and environment. Teaching the skills to protect yourself utilizing a holistic process with effective execution is our priority.

In the long-term, SENTE™ provides the content and environment for developing mastery in each integrated system offered for greater versatility, skill, and understanding.

Along with daily training, seminar and training intensives are offered on a regular basis for additional or specialized training.

Train at SENTE™ and be prepared.

Start An Official SENTE™ Training Group
Whether you own a gym, want to implement an edged/impact weapon tactical program, or just want to start training an effective martial art with your own group, SENTE™ Training Groups offer a wide range of training benefits. Contact us today for more information.



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