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sente self-defense training
SENTE Practical Training
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  04 Environmental
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SENTE Self-Defense Training  

SDX: SD = Self-Defense
X = variable or changing environment.

The SDX program is based on a condensed training system to build basic skills quickly if you have limited time or an unpredictable schedule yet still desire to protect yourself.


If you want to feel more secure, feel safer when traveling or on the trail, develop the skills to protect yourself and your family in a short amount of time, then SENTE™ SDX process is the training for you. This condensed training program is available through group training, seminars and private sessions.

Specialized topics include, but not limited to:

• Simplistic self-defense tactics
• Gross motor movements
• Efficient body mechanics
• Combat flow and task-specific (specialized) techniques
• Combative strength and conditioning
• Detect-Deter-Defend strategies
Environmental awareness
Leveraging and adapting to man-made or natural environments
• Improvised weapons from your environment
• Self-defense tools and "equalizers" versus weapons or multiple opponents
• Strategic use of tactical flashlights and tactical pens
• Countering/surviving weapon attacks
• Ground survival and tactical get-ups
• Battle/scenario drills
• Customization for personal and work environments
• Evasion and Exit strategies
• Organized Training Methods
+ and more

Our self-defense training develops needed active observation and awareness abilities to identify a potential threat while taking the proper measures to avoid instead of engaging. When avoidance is not an option, offensive/counter-offensive non-contact and contact tactics are utilized to engage and/or neutralize a threat. Counter-offensive measures in a contact range are employed to neutralize the following attacks: Pushes, grabs, holds/locks/chokes, punches and other hand/arm strikes, knees/kicks, takedowns, ground attacks, multiple opponents, and weapons – all within different environmental scenarios.

Our modern day, starved-for-time culture may not allow much time for real self-defense training. Adding to this challenge, many martial art schools spend too much time on "katas" and trivial practices for the sake of tradition. However, learning how to effectively defend yourself with direct self-defense strategies, drills, and skill testing is vital. The SENTE™ SDX Program allows for any individual to build proficiency in a very short period of time.

The SDX combatives are based on practical training methods that anyone can use right away. After developing effective basics, training for specific environmental conditions and situations add to the practicality, adaptability, and effectiveness of the training.

Just like all aspects to SENTE™, this contextual program is a no-nonsense approach to self-defense. Practitioners will learn effective skills as fast as possible without compromising the quality of strategy or tactics. Learning to defend yourself is priority number one. Always.

To learn more about our training structure, click here.

Ask about our availability for King of Prussia, Chestnut Hill, Main Line, Philadelphia, and beyond.



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