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Radius Factor
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Update: Sente™ is now Radius Factor™. Learn more at RadiusFactor.com

  Strategic Home Defense that includes practical firearms training, edged/impact weapons, hand-to-hand combatives, and how to leverage your surrounding environment.  

It is quickly becoming more apparent than ever that we need specialized, precision-based, strategic training and support for defending ourselves in and out of the home. With the help of highly specialized strategic partners, SENTE™ Martial Systems has formed a new collaboration called Radius. 

Radius offers customized Home Defense and Active Shooter Survival Tactics – based on field experience and extensive research – as well as all your needs for firearms, gear, tools, and technology.

Radius™ Home Defense training involves a 360 degree curriculum – Including firearms, edged/impact weapons, hand-to-hand combatives, and how to leverage your environment for protecting yourself and family.

Along with a foundation of practical skills, you'll learn to manage physiological and psychological aspects of a confrontation. If you're new to firearms, Radius™ training is practiced with dry-fire drills before a single shot is ever fired to help reduce anxiety and focus on tactics and skill development.

Training Overview:
Understanding Your Attacker
Developing a Plan of Action
Prevention & Escape Planning
Gear, Technology & Firearms Selection
Angles & Environment
Firearms Safety
Firearms/Edged Weapons/Hand-to-Hand Self-Defense
Indoor Laserlyte/Dry-Fire Drills
Live-Fire Training
Team Tactics
Psychological/Physiological Management
Legal Perspectives

For more information, go to www.RadiusFactor.com




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