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Private Self-Defense Training at SENTE  
  Identify personal challenges, customize your martial arts training, increase your skill level, tailor movements specific to you and your environment, and perfect your technique.  

Anytime or anyplace. SENTE™ Private Training is for anyone interested in one-on-one instruction, private self-defense lessons, and personal martial arts conditioning. Training one-on-one not only helps supplement or add convenience to your existing schedule, but customized training regimens can also be designed for specific environmental needs – and SENTE™ makes training one-on-one affordable.

One-on-One with SENTE™ will build your knowledge and skill at a faster rate, especially when it complements group class attendance. We'll focus on identifying personal challenges, increase overall conditioning, tailor movements specific to you, and help you perfect your technique.

SENTE™ offers single 1-hour sessions as well as blocks of 5 and 10hrs of training at a reduced rate to make private one-on-one training affordable. Plus, if you purchase a block of 10 or more sessions you automatically get a discount on any group classes. Contact SENTE™ today to spark your training.

Email Joel LeVan to set up a training time, or call 484. 459. 6861

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