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Joel LeVan,
Owner/Head Instructor

SENTE™ Martial Systems is inspired by over 24 years of martial arts experience (including training directly from military tactical instructors). My training experience ranges from the following:

American Kenpo (4th Degree Black / 20+ yrs)
Muay Thai & Kickboxing (17+ yrs)
Pekiti-Tirsia Kali (Guro (PTK-SMF/PTKGO) / 7+ yrs...
Certified Military PTK-CQC instructor under (PTK-SMF/PTKGO)
Certified Law Enforcement DTS Instructor under (PTK-SMF/PTKGO)
Ground Combatives – Jiu-jitsu, Filipino Dumog, Kenpo
Firearms - Tactical Handgun & Carbine; CCW (Concealed Carry/Integrated Tools);
Home Defense/Environmental Tactics

Each martial system and specialized training are essentially designed for special functions and applications in specific environments. They also share logical interconnected structural relationships that enhance overall skill sets.

Over the years, I've been very fortunate to have trained with many renowned instructors including Kenpo greats Dennis Nackord and Frank Trejo; all-round fighting legend Joe Lewis; Pekiti-Tirsia Kali grandmaster Grand Tuhon Leo Gaje Jr. of the Philippines; Tuhon Rommel Tortal; and Tuhon Tim Waid of PTK-SMF/PTKGO, a former Marine and intense tactical instructor. Martial arts is a true passion and I will always be dedicated to learning more.

My core belief is that a flexible and realistic training method of multi-purpose movements and combatives is needed to create a well-rounded base. From there, a practitioner should develop additional logical skills in a range of applications and environments as effectively and efficiently as possible without being bogged down by trivial methods, or misinformed by outdated and unvalidated practices — yet still uphold respect and virtue taught in the martial arts.

A martial artist should be innovative and continually train to hold the advantage both physically and mentally. An instructor should always nurture this experience.

In addition to offering self-defense and tactical instruction, I'm also a Design Strategist with experience in various industries and disciplines. Utilizing design thinking, the process offers a universal way to define and solve contextual problems relevant to user, environmental, and logistical factors that apply to processes, products, services, and interactions. SENTE™ Training leverages design and strategy with a realistic world view to develop effective training practices for organizing, transferring, and embodying a wide range of practical skills for specific environments.

As the word translates, "sente" is a vital element in my belief and practices, and in the way that I offer my influence.

- Joel LeVan


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