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SENTE Practical Ground Combatives
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SENTE Ground Combatives  

Quick, simple, gritty combatives if you're taken to one of the worst places in a fight – the ground. But don't worry, you won't be there long.


SENTE™ Ground Combatives are not for sport, but blend well with a sport practice. Our practice of dynamic methods center on using simplistic and effective responses to violent, worst case scenarios while leveraging self-defense tools and environment.

Our primary philosophy maximizing advantages through position and mobility while accounting for multiple attackers as much as possible. This process initially begins with practices to avoid a takedown (or being mounted) by using dynamic footwork, sprawling (or a tactical get up) along with striking (if applicable), contact manipulations, limb/joint destruction, and leveraging the surrounding environment, etc.

The goal of our Ground Combatives practice is to quickly position and counter to get to our feet as quickly as possible in order to gain better access to footwork and striking, self-defense tools and manmade or environmental weapons to be better prepared for multiple attackers.

If we're unable to stay on our feet, our strategy is to initiate a counter position against pinning, striking, locks/chokes so we, again, gain effective access to our self-defense weapons (ripping/gouging tactics, firearm, knife, tactical pen, environmental, etc).

Ground fighting, despite what you see in some MMA or sport tournaments, can literally be one of the worst tactical positions to be during a fight, whether you're trained or not.

Being tied up with one opponent on the ground for too long can place you at a disadvantage, or invite a more serious situation – being engaged by multiple opponents. A situation that involves multiple opponents while you're on the ground does not give you an advantage in a fight, especially if they have weapons. That doesn't mean ignore training on the ground. For one reason or another you may be taken down by surprise, trip and fall, or already be on the ground. However, in our training, the target time limit for a ground engagement is 3 seconds or less. That's, of course, if the situation is optimal.

It's also important to understand that environmental conditions like rock, concrete, broken glass, or uneven terrain can hinder movement and influence injury.

Adapt. Get on your feet. Stay mobile.





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