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SENTE Environmental Training  
  Whether it's mental, physical, social, man-made or natural, your environment should always be the first consideration in any situation. It ultimately determines what you do. Build your awareness.  

Your environment will always dictate how you'll respond to any given situation. We distinguish “environment” as "anything in, on or around you". An example of “in” can mean your mental state, being injured or in a threatening social context; “on” could be illustrated as wearing bulky clothing or gear; “around” can refer to architecture, slippery floors, rocky terrain, social surroundings, etc. How you interact with these environmental conditions can influence the difference between surviving an altercation or winding up in the hospital. Yet, so few integrate this into their training regimen and philosophy.

Additionally, you cannot simply talk about environment, you must train in a range of environments to fully understand them and react accordingly. The context of the environment or situation is also important – including the context of an ambush by someone with the will to harm you without their own fear of consequence.

Adaptive Training Methods & Process
Strategy, tactics, and physical methodologies are important components to our training and quintessential in developing the skills needed in adapting to challenging environmental scenarios. Whether maneuvering indoor or outdoor spaces, in low-light and high-light conditions, on various terrain, leveraging objects from your surroundings, or engaging in social scenario-based simulations on a regular basis, it's all part of our process.

Note: SENTE™ Martial Systems is now Radius Factor. To learn more, click here.






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